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Top 5 reasons for venues to list with us

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These are just some of the reasons we think you’re venue would benefit from being listed on

1. We deliver a Focused Target Market directly related to your business to you

At we are 100% focused on targeting event managers and party planners solely looking to book, reserve or hire space in venues to host their events across Ireland. All of our marketing efforts are centred on bringing these highly targeted and specified consumers to our website through advertising, keyword specific Google searches and social media. Your venue profile page should explain what your venue is about, the types of events and facilities it caters for, so once your venue is listed you won’t have rely on word-of-mouth bookings any more, we’ll bring the customers that are relevant to your venue to you.

2. Get Found! Increase search visibility and the online presence of your venue

Perhaps you don’t appear on page one or even page two or three for Google searches for keywords such as “Party Venues Dublin” or “Function Rooms Dublin”. How will people find your venue? Typically these are the types of searches carried out in search engines when people are looking for venues. Most will not get past page one or two. This really is not ideal for the user, the main problem being them having to click through multiple websites and then still they may never reach yours. Why should the venues appearing above you receive all the attention? Our website, which we aim to rank high (in time) will be the perfect opportunity to appear for location and category searches. Similarly you might think that your social media efforts are bringing bookings in, that may be the case, but in the majority of cases those are local customers that know of your establishment already and have liked your page, but what about the ones that don’t, we help you to target them also. Listing your venue with us may also have the added knock-on effect of improving your own search engine ranking (read up on SEO practices for further detail on this if you wish).

Your venue might not actually even have a website at all. By listing your venue with us you can take advantage of appearing in searches, having an online presence and not relying solely on your social media or word-of-mouth efforts.

3. Promotion and Advertising

In order to bring party planners and event managers to our website, we’ll be spending our marketing budget across a wide range of different advertising mediums. Ads on social media and Google are our main paid-for advertising methods. Therefore if your venue is listed it will have the added bonus of being reached by potential customers that we have paid to bring to you, with no additional charge to you. Of course we’ll be using other non paid-for methods, such as themed nights, venue reviews and through our own organic searches and social media efforts, but all of this will be happening without you having to do anything!

4. Connect with our platform; generate revenue, maximise bookings and reservations


For some or all of the reasons outlined above your venue may be lying vacant when it could be making money! People might not know about your venue or be able to find it online. Corporate venue bookings in particular usually take place mid week, you may have been missing out corporate reservations for years and now is the time to change that.

5. Get Relevant Bookings!!

Once set up your venue will be able to take advantage of;

  • being promoted to the exact target market your venue requires,
  • appearing to these potential customers in your chosen locations and categories,
  • improving your online presence,
  • promotional and advertising potential across social media and search engines,
  • maximising your reservations and bookings

Check out the features you can avail of today on our sign up page.

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