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We are Ireland’s newest dedicated venue listings community and are officially open for business and accepting venues from today. Finally! We match party planners and their events with the hottest venues around, kind of like a well known dating app but for event managers and venue owners! So whether you’re looking for party venues in Dublin, function rooms in Cork, or wedding venues in Galway and everything in between, we want to be at the forefront of making that happen.

We’re a young vibrant team, hoping to grow this little seedling of an idea into a fully grown forrest (ok, maybe we’ll settle for a tree first and then work on the forrest!). Our backgrounds are in digital marketing, web design, development and social media, but let’s save the introductions for later.

What’s new or different about us?

Well, for one, we are unequivocally only concentrating on bringing party planners and event managers together with the venues they need to host events and vice versa. A venue needs events and reservations, a party planner needs a venue, our hope is to bring the two together as easily and seamlessly as possible, that’s it, that’s most of what we do. Simple! But think of us as more than just a directory, we want to build a website where venues and event managers connect of course, but also want to create a platform for venues to create a buzz through social media and through our blog with reviews and special offers, really bringing venue promotion to a level that it has not seen before.

What about the others?

Sure there are other directories, much larger and and far more american than us (Gulp*!!), but our view is that sites like that are becoming or have already become basically just a review platform. Are they focused on bringing the right type of customers that your venue is looking for or do they just want reviews. Is their sole purpose to target the market your venue needs and get your business reservations or are they just a modern day Golden Pages with some stars after their listings? That’s not to say we couldn’t implement a review/ratings system tomorrow if that’s what venue owners wanted, but it’s not our focus for the moment. We have tonnes of ideas for the future, but for now we want to concentrate on our core product which matching venue owners with event planners. You can decide for yourself but I hope you get a feel for the passion we have in making our simple little site do a simple little job, perfectly.

Venues, we need you!

Well now that we’ve launched you’ll see that our venue listing map is looking a bit bare. We need venues please, lots of venues, before we start fully advertising the site to the public in November!

In our next blog post we’ll outline the Top 5 reasons to list your venue with us!

We’re looking forward to working with and getting to know all the venues out there and hope to make party planners’ and event managers’ lives a whole lot easier! Please bear with us if we have to iron out any technical creases, but fingers crossed hopefully things should run smoothly. And please don’t be afraid to get in touch with any questions, suggestions or queries you might have, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Matthew Egan Founder

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