About Us

Who we are

VenueSearch.ie are a small company with a big vision based in Dublin with backgrounds in digital marketing, web design, web development and social media. We are the number one website for searching for party venues, function rooms and venues for hire or reservation in Dublin and nationally across Ireland. 

What problem do we solve?

Many of us have had a time where we have had to plan or host an event somewhere but there has never really been a dedicated venue finding website where you could go to for your search. We make it simple and easy for people find function rooms for hire in Dublin or nationally for corporate events, birthday party venues, that unique wedding venue you’ve been looking for or even just a pub or restaurant to have after work drinks with your team. We also list outdoor venues and sports club houses for hire on our website, so a venue can really be any establishment or space in which a venue owner is willing list it for hire for an event.

For venues, they have the opposite problem, empty space that could be used for events the might not be reaching maximum capacity because there hasn’t been a platform to properly promote it until now. A Google search only gets you so far (page 1 for most people) and if they don’t already know your venue name how will they find you? That’s where we shine, people can easily search by location, event or venue type and some of the key amenities they require all in one place, allowing potential customers to see your venue where it may have gone unnoticed before. With us you’ll never have to worry about not being found.

What makes us different or unique

We differ from other directory type websites in that all of our promotional and marketing efforts are solely focused on bringing event managers, party planners and organisers of all types of events to our website and no one else. Think of us as a community more so than a directory, we’ve built a website where venues and event planners connect of course, but we further support our venues by regularly creating content and mentioning them in highly relevant articles, social media posts and advertising, bringing venue promotion to a level that it has not seen before.

We’re all about building close, long lasting relationships with all of our listed venues, regularly making visits to them, gathering feedback and adding features to further enhance the user experience and therefore bookings for our venues.

What about other platforms?

Sure there are businesses, much larger and and far bigger than us (Yelp/FB/TripAdvisor), but none of these are purely focused on bringing party planners and venue owners together. Sure customers can find your business on them easily, but only if they know your venue name already. What if they don’t know your venue name or exactly what they are looking for yet? That’s where we bridge the gap! We also believe similar sites are more focused on getting reviews than actually getting you bookings. You can decide for yourself but I hope you get a feel for the passion we have in making our simple little site do a simple little job, perfectly.