12 Of The Best Virtual Event Ideas & Experiences

Looking for the best virtual events and ideas in Ireland for 2022? We’ve outlined our picks of some fantastic virtual experiences you can book for your virtual Christmas party, corporate team building virtual event or virtual party. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to let their hair down and enjoy an afternoon or evening with colleagues and friends online, without compromising on the quality and enjoyment that you get with in-person events. We’ve got virtual tasting masterclasses, cocktail making, virtual magic shows, race nights, bingo, comedy, quizzes and lots more. At VenueSearch we only work with the best of the best when it comes to premium virtual entertainment. All of our virtual experiences are available across Ireland and internationally, some delivery exclusions may apply for options that include products e.g. tastings.


Teeling Virtual Cocktail Making Class

Duration: 45 mins – 1 hour
Guest Numbers: 20 – 500
Price: €40 per person (incl. VAT) + shipping


Enjoy an interactive, live virtual cocktail making session that lasts approximately 1 hour, where you will make two delicious, craft cocktail creations with the event hosted by an experience and seasoned Teeling Ambassador over Zoom. The experience starts with a virtual tour of the famous distillery in Dublin, followed by a fun and engaging step by step session on how to master The Newmarket Fashioned and Teeling Gingers cocktails (see picture below). All of the ingredients you will need to make the cocktails are shipped (€7.50 ROI addresses) in beautifully packaged boxes in advance of the event and as a bonus also include a can of their refreshing Teeling Highball pineapple soda canned cocktail to enjoy at a later time. Minimum guest numbers of 20 guests are required for this virtual event experience and 10 – 21 days advance booking is also required to allow time for the packs to be shipped.

Virtual Cocktail Making Experience - Teeling

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Virtual Race Night

Duration: ~1 hour – 90 minutes
Guest Numbers: 10 – 10,000
Pricing: On Application, Corporate Option (Fixed Fee, ~20 guests min. advised for most budgets)


Enjoy an immersive and fun filled 90 minutes with this virtual race night option. The evening starts with your comedian MC host and DJ who will run participants through the race guide. Following this, the virtual betting ring is opened, with players making their selections from their smartphone while the action takes place on the laptop/TV. Players win points by choosing the winning horse and the live leaderboard is constantly updated (no real money bets). Points are deducted for picking anything else to keep things competitive! This event is all about fun, so there are some hilariously ridiculous novelty races such as ostrich racing thrown in and it can also be customised to your company’s own unique culture and quirks with the naming horses and the races for added comedic effect. With continual engagement throughout via live phone games, live chat and ‘best dressed’ opportunities it’s been one of our most popular virtual event experiences.

Virtual Events - Race Night

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Virtual Murder Mystery

Duration: ~60 mins.
Guest Numbers: 8 – 20
Price: On Application, Premium Corporate Option (Fixed Fee)


Join our resident detective to find out which of your colleagues has committed a most heinous of crimes. Perfect for smaller groups and companies, a min. 8 participants are needed for this virtual murder mystery experience, each being given a specific character to play, with any additional guests taking on the role of investigators. The group are introduced to the detective and over three rounds new clues will be revealed, with players being able to ask questions of one another while the detective ensures the story moves along smoothly. After the rounds are up, final accusations are made and the true culprit must reveal themselves to the group.

Virtual Murder Mystery Experience

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Virtual Brain Hacking Show by Keith Barry

Duration: 50 mins
Guest Numbers: 10 – 10,000 (~100 guest min. recommended)
Price: On Application, Premium Corporate Option (Fixed Fee, ~30 guest min. advised for most budgets)


Mentalist, hypnotist, brain hacker, magician, keynote speaker and born entertainer, Keith Barry has created a stunning virtual magic show, specifically crafted to suit online audiences, in which he uses a unique blend of brain hacking and visual magic to wow and amaze participants right from the comfort of their own homes. The show is packed full of audience participation and he can work with you and customise segments of the show to suit your company’s needs, so be sure to let us know of anything that can be incorporated. Branding can also be included, with the show streamed from multiple cameras in UltraHD 4k quality. This has been one of our most in demand experiences, advance early booking is advised. Please note Keith Barry is a premium entertainment option and as such we would recommend minimum guest numbers of at least ~30 to suit the average virtual event budget.

Virtual Entertainment - Keith Barry Magic Show

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Virtual Gameshow Mania

Duration: ~1 hour
Guest Numbers: 20 – 200
Price: On Application, Corporate Option (Fixed Fee, ~30 guest min. advised for most budgets)


‘Gameshow Mania’ is a virtual event experience that has been specifically designed to get participants’ competitive juices flowing. Staff are divided into separate teams (Zoom breakout rooms), with each team playing a different, but instantly recognisable gameshow from TV, adapted to work in a virtual setting. For smaller groups (under 60 guests) everyone can be in the same room and guests are spotlighted to take part for each game. Just some of gameshows to feature include the likes of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Countdown, The Cube, Pointless and Taskmaster, however these can be customised to your preference and/or even put them to a live vote with the audience as to which to play. This is a really fun, interactive team building experience throughout with plenty of guest interaction and chances to feature on camera.

Virtual Experience - Gameshow Mania

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Virtual Comedy from Mario Rosenstock

Duration: Custom
Guest Numbers: Unlimited
Price: On Application, Premium Corporate Option


If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that we all need a really good laugh now and again, and this virtual comedy experience by Mario Rosenstock could be the perfect escapism for your company and staff. Mario Rosenstock, a multi award-winning comedian and the country’s leading satirist & mimic is the creator and voice behind the ever popular ‘GiftGrub’ segment on the Ian Dempsey Today FM breakfast show since 1999. This unique, ultra premium virtual experience involves Mario carefully creating a customised show or content piece / sketch for your company with many of his most famous characters making appearances throughout. Mario’s unique blend of comedy involved in this experience will ‘genuinely’ (hope you get the reference!) amaze and bring a smile to everyone’s faces and could be the perfect morale booster for staff, or simply to shine a comedic light on your company’s services.

Virtual Events - Comedy by Mario Rosenstock

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Virtual Gin Masterclass

Duration: ~60 – 75 mins.
Guest Numbers: 20 – 50
Price: €80pp incl VAT & incl shipping


Have you ever wondered how gin is made and fancy having a go at blending your own? Well, wonder no more, in this unique live virtual gin masterclass where you’ll learn the methods and teachings behind how gin is made from a knowledgable Sling Shot Distilled Irish Gin ambassador. Afterwards all guests will then have a go at blending their own bottle of flavoured gin with enough ingredients to make 10 G&T’s for tasting and enjoying afterwards! Shipping of the gin blending and ingredient packs is free to ROI addresses (7 days lead time required). The cost for this experience is €80pp incl. VAT, which includes your at home gin kit with all the ingredients you need on the night and the exclusively private masterclass with the expert gin ambassador for your company.

Virtual Gin Masterclass

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Virtual Bingo Loco

Duration: 1 Hour
Guest Numbers: 20 – Unlimited (the more the merrier!)
Price: On Application, Premium Corporate Option (Fixed Fee, ~30 guest min. advised for most budgets)


The infamous Bingo Loco crew have recreated their super popular live in-person show and transformed into a fun filled virtual experience. Having entertained over 320,000 people from Sydney to New York, you can expect the same high energy, crowd interaction, confetti showers, plenty of comedic moments, throwback anthems from the Bingo Loco DJ, amazing spot prizes but also totally terrible ones, rave round and soul soothing good vibes. Filmed live from a purpose built studio the CO2 jets are primed and Bingo Loco are ready to go. Guests are given a virtual Bingo Loco book to fill out as the action takes place (can be printed or edited online from their device). Once you’ve marked off your book, call Bingo by sending in a screenshot / photo of the winning book and claim you prize. This show can be made fully family friendly if required, and aspects can be customised to your company’s needs. Donation buttons / fundraising links can be included to help raise money for charity at the same time.

Virtual Events - Bingo Loco

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Virtual Gameshow: Swap Or Stay

Duration: ~1 hour
Guest Numbers: 20 – 200
Price: On Application, Corporate Option (Fixed Fee, ~30 guest min. advised for most budgets)


Swap Or Stay is a nerve wracking virtual gameshow similar to Deal or No Deal. Teams are divided into separate groups with each group of participants shown three boxes. These boxes contain prizes which range from outrageous novelty gifts, to booby prizes and high ticket items. Players battle it out for the opportunity to open a box and see what’s inside. However they will also have an opportunity to ‘steal’ someone else’s prize before it’s revealed what is in their box. The aim of the game is to ensure you swap out the lower value prizes and nab yourself something decent without getting it taken from you. Guaranteed to generate plenty of laughs and interaction throughout, this is one of our most popular virtual gameshow options for 2021.

Virtual Events - Swap Or Stay Virtual Gameshow

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Virtual Yoga & Mindfulness

Duration: 45mins – 1 hour
Guest Numbers: 5 – 500
Price: Budget Friendly, Based on Group Size


Enjoy an exclusive, private virtual yoga and corporate wellness session carried out by one of Ireland’s leading instructors with years of experience in teaching yoga and mindfulness techniques. This unique virtual experience is streamed live via Zoom from our instructor’s studio. This session involves three stages specifically designed to help motivate staff, improve their wellbeing and boost productivity. Pricing is based on group size and is suitable / affordable for most budgets and group sizes. Enquire with our team for more information or to check availability.

Virtual Events - Yoga & Mindfulness

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Virtual Wine Tasting

Duration: ~60 – 90 mins
Guest Numbers: 20 – 100
Price: from €90pp (incl. VAT)


Enjoy a fun, informative and relaxed virtual wine tasting experience with an expert sommelier, all from the comfort and cosiness of your home over Zoom. Choose the colour or region of wine you would like to explore and then learn all about the differences between certain wines & regions, different food pairings, how pick a good wine or how to spot a bargain on the restaurant menu. Three full bottles of wine will be beautifully packaged and delivered in advance of the event to each individual address including tasting notes. Pricing is from €90pp dependant on wine choice and the wine experience lasts roughly 60 – 90 mins. Delivery to ROI addresses only, please note approximate 14 days notice is required in advance of the event taking place to ensure delivery on time. Additional mini charcuterie boxes can be included to accompany the tasting experience. Enquire with our team for more details and pricing on the specific wines available to taste.

Virtual Wine Tasting Ireland

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Virtual Mystery Beer Tasting

Duration: ~ 90 mins
Guest Numbers: 15 – 200
Price: From €38.50pp ex VAT (based on min. 25 guests)


Enjoy a fun, relaxed and great evening’s entertainment with insight into the world of Irish craft beer with this unique virtual mystery beer tasting experience. This virtual beer tasting is hosted by two beer experts over Zoom and offers participants a tasting of 4 mystery premium Irish craft beers over ~90 minutes, learning all about the different flavours, aromas, history and food pairings for each craft beer. There’s also plenty of engagement with interactive quizzes, beer ratings and lots more throughout, making it a great night in for staff and friends to get together online. Minimum guest numbers of 15 required, price quoted above based on 25 guests, pricing below this number will be slightly more. Please allow at least 7 days booking lead time before the event so that your packs will arrive in time. With the 6 Nations Rugby taking place in February and March this virtual experience can also be customised to incorporate a rugby theme, perfect for building anticipation for Ireland match days which include include 1 beer from each province with a rugby and beer themed quiz. Enquire with our team to check availability, for more information and to secure your preferred date.

Virtual Mystery Beer Tasting


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Teeling Virtual Whiskey Tasting

Duration: 40 mins – 1 hour
Guest Numbers: 20 – 500
Price: €35pp (incl. VAT) + shipping


Enjoy a live, interactive virtual whiskey masterclass from Dublin’s Teeling Whiskey distillery. Your Teeling Whiskey mini tasting pack will have been delivered in advance of the evening, in it contains everything you need to become a whiskey expert including nosing glasses, tasting mats and of course three different Teeling whiskeys. You also get a choice of a chocolate pairing or cocktail demo of Newmarket Fashioned (their take on an Old Fashioned) with bottled Teeling cocktail, so whether whiskey is your drink of choice or not everyone we’re sure that everyone will enjoy and get something out of this unique experience. It starts with a virtual tour of the famous distillery in Dublin 8. The whole experience lasts roughly one hour, however if packaged with other entertainment the timing can be reduced slightly if you wish. This experience is available all across Ireland (€7.50 shipping), Europe (€15) and internationally (excl. USA, Russia & UK mainland). Minimum numbers of 20 guests required but up to 500 can be hosted at one time. For larger groups they can also split over two sessions depending on numbers. Please note due to the logistics of getting the tasting packs delivered this virtual event experience must be booked 14 – 21 days in advance.

Virtual Events - Teeling Whiskey Tasting Masterclass

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We’ll be more than happy to help create the perfect, fun virtual evening for you and your staff that will be remembered for years to come for all the right reasons. To check availability for a particular date, pricing or if you have any questions at all on our virtual parties above please get in touch with our helpful team today at [email protected]. We’re constantly adding new virtual options to this list so if there’s something you don’t see but would like to do just let us know. If you’re looking to host a bespoke virtual event such as a conference or seminar check out our article on venues to host virtual & hybrid events.


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This article was updated on the 29 November 2021