Who we are

VenueSearch.ie are a small company with a big vision based in Dublin. Our backgrounds are in digital marketing, web design, development and social media. Our aim is to be the number one website for searching for party venues, function rooms and venues for hire or reservation across Ireland. We’re a young vibrant team, hoping to grow this little seedling of an idea into a fully grown forest (ok, maybe we’ll settle for a tree first and then work on the forest!).

What problem do we solve?

Many of us have had a time where we have had to plan or host an event somewhere but there has never really been a dedicated venue finding website where you could go to for your search. We plan to make it simple and easy for people find function rooms for hire in Dublin or nationally, birthday party venues, that unique wedding venue you’ve been looking for or even just a pub or restaurant to have after work drinks with your team. We also list outdoor venues and sports club houses for hire on our website, so a venue can really be any establishment or space in which a venue owner is willing list it for hire for an event.

For venues, they have the opposite problem, empty space that could be used for events yet nobody knows it exists because there hasn’t been a platform to properly promote it until now. A Google search only gets you so far (page 1 for most people), but what if people could easily search by location and event or venue type in one place, allowing potential customers to see your venue where it may have gone unnoticed before. We’re ranked number one for many top keyword searches so if your venue is with us you’ll never have to worry about not being found!

What makes us different or unique

What makes us different from other directory type websites is that all of our promotional and marketing efforts are solely focused on targeting event managers, party planners and organisers of all types of events to our website. Think of us as a community more so than a directory, we want to build a website where venues and event managers connect of course, but also want to create a platform for venues to create a buzz through social media and through our blog with reviews and special offers, bringing venue promotion to a level that it has not seen before.

Our goal is to create close links with all of our listed venues, creating leads for them and maximising their reservation and bookings potential. We recognise that there is a mutually beneficial relationship between us having your venue listed on our website and the promotional and lead generation potential we hope you will gain from your venue being on our site, and therefore we strive to make your business shine across our website and social media channels.

What about other platforms?

Sure there are directories, much larger and and far more american than us (Gulp!), but our view is that sites like that are becoming or have already become basically just a review platform. Are they focused on bringing the right type of customers that your venue is looking for or do they just want reviews. Is their sole purpose to target the market your venue needs and get your business reservations or are they just a modern day Golden Pages with some stars after their listings? You can decide for yourself but I hope you get a feel for the passion we have in making our simple little site do a simple little job, perfectly.

Add your venue with us today!